Pitching Pennies

This is the first form of gambling a young South Philly kid was introduced to, besides Uncle Giuseppe betting the ponies at the local bar.  Pitching pennies was a favorite pastime and kids would save their lunch and chore money to play.

The first step to pitching pennies would be to find a nice open wall with a smooth pavement.  The game was played by pitching (or throwing underhand) your penny towards a wall one player per round.  The person with their penny closest to the wall got to keep all the pennies that were pitched.  A leaner was almost a guarenteed win, unless some smart ass knocked your penny down or got a leaner which was higher up the wall.  A leaner was a penny that leaned against the wall while standing on the pavement.

As I was growing up we played with nickels and even quarters.  By the time the 80’s rolled around,  you could not get anything for a penny anymore!

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  1. Won a lot of money knocking down leaners, loved this game. Got our money by taking soda bottles back to the stoor for the refund or by taking orders at the Acme store.

    Hey does anybody remember buying loosees.

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